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Startup & Small Business Growth Consultant


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About Me

My name is Cole and I’m an Ohio-based customer growth expert for early-stage companies and small businesses.
I’ve worked my entire career in early-stage tech and media startups and have developed a love for all things customer growth. I’ve found repeated success using data to tell stories on who a company’s customers are, where they interact, and how to attract more of them.
I believe growth should always be systems-driven and is best informed by quality data - I love the challenge of implementing growth systems across organizations of different sizes, industries, and needs. Helping a business unlock growth through proven, repeatable tactics energizes me!
Outside of work I love to ski, run triathlons and obstacle course races, and rock climb ⛷️🏃‍♂️🧗‍♂️


I’ve managed just about any form of digital marketing that has a tracking link, but I’ve developed the deepest expertise in:


I’ve been fortunate to have both a variety and a depth of growth marketing experience in both full-time and fractional roles. Here are a few of the things I’m most proud of:
I’ve managed an $80 million annual ad budget for Root Insurance (direct-to-consumer auto insurtech SaaS) across paid search, paid social, programmatic, affiliate, and content. I grew the company’s customers acquired from these channels by over 10x while reducing the acquisition cost by ~20% in aggregate.  → Ask me about increasing profitability through customer segmentation and bid modeling on predicted lifetime value.
I led growth and partnerships for the largest private health insurance agency, managing a $25 million annual paid search budget and a network of 30 buyers of overflow traffic. I grew the company’s revenue over 22x through customer growth and non-policy revenue growth and implemented unified customer analytics across all online and offline touchpoints (web, email, SMS, voice). → Ask me about monetizing remnant traffic or improving contact rates with AI-powered, human-sounding SMS and email copy.
I built an in-house programmatic ad bidder and deployed custom bid models trained on expected customer LTV and ROAS to programmatic exchanges such as Google AdX, Twitter Mopub, Rubicon, and more. I’ve been invited twice to speak at Twitter to growth marketers specifically about the emerging ad tech and programmatic performance advertising industry. → Ask me about marketing efficiency frontiers and finding the optimal winning bid price using auction logs and conversion data.
I designed, developed, launched, and marketed SaveWithBizzy.com, a marketplace for business services like payroll, outsourced HR, benefits administration, and more. I was able to help two angel investors with a rough concept for a marketplace turn design guidelines into a live product. I acted as business development for the revenue sharing relationships with service providers, project manager for the frontend UI (outsourced in React, NextJS, TailwindCSS) and developer for the backend (built using Python, Flask, and PostgreSQL). I launched and scaled with paid ads and used my experience in product and conversion rate optimization to rapidly iterate on the UI/UX. → Ask me about optimizing product and marketing in tandem to improve cost per user by over 90% from initial launch.
I’ve helped several local small businesses profitably leverage paid search ads with budgets as low as $100/day and understand their users and customers better with tools like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Heap Analytics, and Metabase. → Ask me about balancing efficiency and scale in paid ads with budget constraints.
I’ve set and executed growth strategy across paid, organic, and partnerships for small businesses and startups alike from eCommerce, FinTech, InsurTech, AdTech, to service industries, office supply, home furnishings, flooring, and retail. → Ask me about the fundamentals of customer growth regardless of where they’re applied.


As I’ve spent time working on different kinds of growth problems, I’ve developed reliable frameworks for managing client relationships, communicating updates and needs, and ensuring my clients are looped in on:
  • where their dollars are going
  • what they’re learning
  • how their performance will continue to improve over time because of it
Here are some of the key services I offer:
Growth Strategy: Understand who your customers are and how to best position your company to reach and acquire them.
Conversion Rate Optimization: Define and optimize your site, product, funnel, and user journey to turn visitors into customers.
SEO Management: Optimize your website to build brand authority and rank higher for the keywords and topics your customers are looking for.
Search Ads Management: Run profitable search engine ads to appear in front of the customers actively looking for the products/services you provide.
Social Ads Management: Attract new users/customers with compelling ads where they spend most of their digital attention.
Google Analytics Configuration: Understand your web visitors, users, and customers’ behavior with a properly configured Google Analytics account.
Google Tag Manager Configuration: Track the actions your web visitors, users, and customers take on your site/product to optimize your advertising.

I’d love to chat and learn more about your business if you think I could be of help.
Please do not hesitate to reach out with additional questions. You can reach me at wcolemorris@gmail.com or using the form below.
Talk soon,
- Cole